Publish SMTP for TMG 2010 with Edge Subscription


  • In a test network, I recently introduced email protection to an existing TMG 2010 server.  I appear to have successfully created the edge subscription, following directions in the Technet Library.  However, a publishing rule existed, which directed inbound SMTP traffic to the hub server.  After creating the edge subscription, SMTP traffic continued to be routed to the hub server, as opposed to being intercepted by the TMG server.  Deleting the publishing rule simply caused SMTP traffic from the Internet to be rejected by TMG.

    I got the impression that using the Email Policy Wizard and answering the prompts correctly would be enough to configure TMG as needed.  It created the System Policy rules that appear to be needed as well as the 2 needed SMTP routes.  Do I need to create a new publishing rule, or should this be working provided I configured it correctly via the wizard?


    Saturday, September 25, 2010 8:12 PM


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