Web listener with a port different than 80 and 443


  • Hi all,

    I would like to publish a web site by using Forefront TMG 2010 SP2.

    Here are the steps I have performed:

       1 ) Create a Web listener listening to HTTP, port 801:

            - check "Enable HTTP Conection on port"

            - write "801" in the textbox

            - No Authentication

            - No SSO

       2) Publish a web site:

            - using this web listener

             - translate it to the internal web site that is listening port 8080 (Tab "To" - "computer name or IP adress with "internalFQDN:8080")

    In the "Log & Report" screen of Forefront TMG 2010, the traffic is detected but the rule is not applied. Instead of it, I have the message "Unidentified IP Traffic (TCP:801).

    I can not use the port 80 because it is already used by other sites (publishing rules work for these other sites).

    Do you have any clue ?

    Version of Forefront TMG: 7.0.9193.515 


    Monday, April 30, 2012 1:59 PM


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