FPSMC Web Console Crashes again and again


  • I am trying to deploy and configure FPSMC 2010 (with Hotfix 1) for exchange EDGE 2007 reporting purpose. I installed FPSMC on dedicated windows 2008 R2 VM. FPSMC's installation goes fine and i can open FPSMC web interface and configure settings. But when i restart FPSMC server and after then open FPSMC web console, IIS crashes with error code: HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error. If i don't restart FPSMC server after installation and configure settings, deploy agents etc. IIS automatically crashes after a day or two. In Event Viewer i can see this error: DCOM got error "1385" and was unable to logon Servername\SMGR_Servername in order to run the server:{9738A91E-222B-4F3F-8962-6B01144D6ACB}.

    I tried FPSMC installation many times on different machines but facing the same issue.

    Please suggest any way forward.

    Thank you

    Farrukh Khanzada

    Tuesday, April 09, 2013 2:42 PM