Status: 302 Moved Temporarily



    As this problem is driving me nuts I will try to start with the basics. Anyone willing to try and do this with me?
    So I have a website with anonymous access. No authentication is required in the sense of windows authentication.
    For all my login pages I try to direct users to https instead of http, check their username and password then log them into the site and back to http they go.
    However the problem starts when you try to view the page that should redirect you via http. It just hangs in there and in the ISA Monitor I see this only idication that there might be a problem:

    Status: 302 Moved Temporarily

    It is a simple redirection made with php. You can simulate it like this. Inside a php file write this:
    <?php  header('Location: https://www.test.com/test2.php'); ?>

    It will just hang in there... any idea why?

    Tuesday, January 08, 2008 5:08 PM


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