"Delayed Write Failed" error when uploading large PDFs with embedded images


  • We're having some issues here where we cannot upload PDF files that are comprised of scanned images.  Forefront is deleting the file during the upload process.  If you are using the typical webupload interface, you get an error message saying that file cannot be found (because it's been deleted, presumably).  If you try dragging and dropping in the Windows Explorer mode, you get this error message:

    Delayed Write Failed Error


    In one case, the PDF had about 420 pages in it.  We split the PDF into two files, one with 200 pages and the other with the remainder, and it worked fine. In both cases, the original file size and the new file sizes were well under the maximum file size limit (the original file size was only 8MB).

    I'm suspecting that this issue is somehow related to a similar bug with large zip files and how Forefront can choke on large compressed files.  Although the PDF is not a zip, it is a container that is holding images which contain no text to scan, or something?

    Anyone else experience this issue or know of a setting to fix this?




    Wednesday, October 06, 2010 8:49 PM


  • Thanks, Yuri.  Upon further investigation, this was actually an IIS 7 issue with maximum upload sizes.  I was able to fix this by changing the maximum upload settings in IIS 7 and by making the related web.config changes in the SharePoint web apps, and that cleared up the issue.  The PDF --> OCR issue was a false positive because it was really just shrinking the file size, it wasn't a PDF or compressed file issue at all.

    This article addressed those issues:

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    Wednesday, November 10, 2010 7:49 PM

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