Claim ADFS 2.0 behind UAG error


  • "This page can't be displayed" ... My claim web application don't work behind my Forefront UAG.

    My environment is:

    1 Virtual Machine AD+PKI ad.mydomain.local
    => *.mydomain.local certificate issued

    1 VM ADFS 2.0 = adfs.mydomain.local
    => working

    1 VM SharePoint Foundation 2010 = sp.mydomain.local
    => web app claim "portal.mydomain.local"

    1 VM Forefront UAG =
    => portal UAG "uag.mydomain.local" using wildcard certificate
    => Auth Provider 1 = MyDomain AD (using LDAP) working
    => Auth Provider 2 = MyDomain ADFS (using ADFS 2.0) no errors displayed but not working


    Working OK .... Internal Client (same subnet) Logon OK using NTLM
    Working OK .... Internal Client (same subnet) Logon OK using Claims (email)
    Working OK .... External Client (public access) Logon OK using NTLM (FBA uag portal)

    Not working ... External Client (public access) Logon OK using Claims (FBA uag portal)

    The Q is: Should be published my ADFS as a web app? My Web App should use LDAP or ADFS?

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 6:14 PM