the method used HEAD is not valid


  • Hi all,

    When i check the Web Monitor i see the same warning 5 times every second.

    The warning is: A request from source IP address, user on trunk *trunkname*; Secure=1 for application Unknown application name of type Unknown application type failed because the method used HEAD is not valid for requested URL /

    When i go to the URL set, i dont know which rule to adjust. The warning does not state which application is affected. in fact, is the URL of the trunk!

    So based on the URL, i searched the rule set, and came across a rules which had "/example(/.*|$)" listed as URL. All other rules do not have any relationship with apps or example. So i added the method HEAD over there, in the rule. The parameter is set on 'Ignore'. This didnt change the issue. I went back to the URL set and changed some other rules on where i thought they could possibly be related to the warning somehow, but no go.

    Can somebody give me a tip in how to find the right rule to change?

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 5:52 PM


  • Hi Bennekommer,

    It sound like you have some kind of load-balance or web monitoring system that try to check the UAG health by sending those HEAD requests.

    It also sound like the application is misconfigure and it does not sends out the requests correctly which cause UAG to block that request.

    I recommend to check your health monitoring application ...


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