Why does msmpeng.exe take up almost 100% of HDD i/o?


  • My Vista laptop at times becomes unusable. I started to investigate and I discovered that MsMpEng.exe process is taking a lot of HDD i/o. Note that it's CPU usage is quite low -- about 20%, but it's HDD usage is running at 99%. This happens almost every time I open my laptop lid, or even if I leave it unattended for a little while. I looked up that process and it appears to belong to Microsoft Security Essentials. I checked its icon in the tray and it doesn't show that any scans were running. But even if it wants to run scans, is it that dumb to run them right when I'm using this laptop?

    Anyway, is there any way to prevent this from happening?

    PS. If I kill the msmpeng.exe process the system starts running very fast, but then I get some popup that tells me that I'm not protected or something.

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