Managing Antigen 9 SP2 with latest Forefront Server Security Management Console HFRU3 (template.adb distribution)


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm using the latest versions of Antigen for Exchange and Forefront System Security Management Console
    - Antigen 9 SP2
    - Forefront Security Management Console Rollup 3 - 10.5.1241.28

    I would like to manage 2 4-node Exchange clusters (active, active, passive, passive) an 3 standalone Exchange servers (1 PubFol, 2 Mail-Hubs, 1 FSSMC server). All Exchange servers have Service Pack 2 and all the latest Rollups and security hotfixes installed. My described experiences are made in a test environment with a 2-node mailbox cluster, 1 PubFol server and 1 Mail-Hub and a dedicated FSSMC server. The production environment is currently unmanaged running already with the latest FSSMC for log collection. All Exchange servers are running Antigen 9 SP1 RU3 which was manually installed.

    FSSMC SW-package distribution works fine (even on my 2 node active passive test-cluster on the shared SAN-disk) on clean machines. At the moment I have no idea how it will work with active, active, passive, passive clusters, but I think the passive nodes are a kind of neutral concerning the shared drive and they could take over both (different letter) drives from the active nodes independent of the first bundle installation. Any experiences?

    The next thing was the deployment of the general settings which works also fine.

    The main problem is the distribution of the template.adb. I have generated one master template with the Antigen administrator (deleting the default one, restarting antigen services, Antigen will generate a new template.adb based on the other dedicated sub adb-Files). In the Antigen Administrator the default setting for processing the template.adb is default (the other choice is none in the template section of the admin tool). I haven’t changed that and I want to modify the default settings on all our 11 Exchange servers.


    We are only using the virus scanning function of Antigen. My main problem is that I can’t disable “content filtering, spam filtering, keyword filtering, mailhost filtering and spam filtering in the template which I want to deploy with FSSMC.

    On every Exchange server I must disable everything again in the Operate section of the antigen admin tool. Only the internet, realtime, manual and MTA of the server can be modified. Every template setting concerning the filtering is greyed out in the template view. The behaviour doesn’t change with user defined named templates.


    Another issue was the deployment of customized notifications with the help of the template distribution. The stand alone servers work fine (they process changes quite in realtime) the clustered server doesn’t process the changes. After enabling the template view the templates have the new notification texts.


    Has someone experience with the deployment of ALL Antigen 9 SP2 settings using the FSSMC template.adb distribution?


    All program versions of antigen and FSSMC are up to date and should work. The topic would be a great challenge for a new white paper ;-)


    Thanks in advance for your help.



    Monday, October 12, 2009 1:19 PM

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  • We also has similar requirement for only using virus scanning without file or content filter. After lot of digging around I found that we cannot manage the same from template. In the FSSMC under jobs node there is Operation Jobs that is where you can configure to enable or disable the file and content filter.

    M S Ali
    Saturday, September 18, 2010 7:07 AM
  • Hallo MS Ali,

    thank you for your reply.

    Your mentioned Option in FSSMC isn't supported for Antigen 9 only Forefront clients. I have just checked it with the latest FSSMC Hotfix Rollup 5 an Antigen 9.2 Hotfix Rollup 3 hoping to find a "hidden feature".

    So in the end it is a manual task.

    Thank you

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 4:42 PM