URL for scan engines or file scanner


  • Hello,

    Can someone post the URL/FTP used by FSSP for MOSS 2007? We have a firewall which is blocking the engine/scanner updates so we need specific rule in FW to allow this. Thanks in advance.

    Antigen 8.0 for SP:
    Can I also ask the same question for Antigen? We have a legacy environment which was affected also by restrictions imposed by security team.


    martes, 24 de julio de 2007 8:26


  • Hello Plagooms,


    This is something that you can easily get from each product that your using for Antigen or Forefront.  The URL is actually different for each product.  You can get a copy of the URL by Right Clicking into the "Scanner Updates" - "Network Update Path."  At this point we only have the FTP updates for Antigen 8.0 installations only.  It is not supported for MS Antigen 9.0 and above such as Forefront.


    jueves, 09 de agosto de 2007 20:52