Recommend consultant for UAG SSO implementation


  • Can anyone recommend a consultant/company to help with a UAG SSO implementation? We have a client who wants to give remote users access to SharePoint, OWA and a custom written web app running on Tomcat. They want a simple SSO portal for all three. We are just getting up to speed on UAG and the client's timeframe is short. We could work it through but do not have the time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    mercredi 15 mai 2013 16:54

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  • Hi A1T,

    In general, you can try Microsoft's PinPoint at to locate such company.

    If that does not helps, you can contact me offline (there is linkedin contact in my profile) and I may help you in that matter.



    jeudi 16 mai 2013 20:48
  • Where is your company located?  we have 12,000 techs nation wide and can probably find the right fit.
    vendredi 17 mai 2013 18:37
  • I specialize exclusively in UAG and specifically UAG services.  Was manager and lead tech in North America for e-Gap/IAG (the predecessor products) at Whale and Microsoft in 2002-2007.  (also did many projects in Europe)   Started MBR Security in 2007 and continue to focus on the product which changed names to UAG in January 2010.  Done hundreds and hundreds of projects on the product.  Regularly hired direct by customers and as subcontractor for many Microsoft partners, Microsoft UAG OEM's, and by Microsoft themselves.   See here:

    lundi 20 mai 2013 17:57