how to restrict access to some applications paths UAG?


  • Hi All,

    I'm publishing sharepoint application ( over UAG. I have around 3 aplications like this:

    By default Sharepoint Rule publish all of them. However, I only want to publish

    I configure Applications on UAG to include /sales/main path Only. However, when I try to access I get "your are not allowed...".

    On Fiddler I've found that some paths are being blocked, like "/_Layout/*". That is why i have to add paths that are getting blocked.

    Everything seems to be working fine. However, some paths are not loading "you are not allowed" on fiddler.

    I check and see that this URLS is getting blocked "ScriptResource.axd?d=Z4oRecGy737yOZmqeiW-Uzf5x_IzZNoi9Yxdv43ACYqZEZPpBkFgIn2iY5MgEYra8ac5ybjAQjyWAuCo1sXcBTN62jbCLWsmrT4uFI8GIGQX-_vbyBlUgfJYGj7tu_Tdz_c4nGcn3cOs7GU2-0scvvDMlZ81&t=fffffffff9d85fa6".

    How do i allow that path?

    Do I have to put just "/ScriptResource.axd"?

    Any idea


    jeudi 25 avril 2013 12:52