(DcaSvc) service failed to start


  • Hey guys so I removed this service and tried to resinstall DA.  Now this is the error I recieve. Does anyone have any idea how I can get this service to start properly.  Can I manually reinstall just the Dca Svc??  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Service 'DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant Service' (DcaSvc) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privelges to start system services.

    It then gives me the option to retry (of course which fails).  Or cancel installation.

    mardi 23 avril 2013 17:26

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  • What operating system? I assume this is on a client machine (probably Windows 7?) - the DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant is an add-on tool for Windows 7 that you don't necessarily need, it's not important to the functionality of DirectAccess unless you are using one-time-passwords for login. Otherwise it's just an add-on tool that is useful for generating troubleshooting logs.

    You can try reinstalling DCA. If you are using DirectAccess through UAG then you want version 1.5, if you are using DirectAccess through Server 2012 then you want version 2.0.

    There is nothing to "install" for DirectAccess itself, all of that is baked right into Windows.

    jeudi 25 avril 2013 12:26