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  • Hi, we are having no issue publishing standard web sites but i have a issue with the following.  This is ForeFront TMG 2010.

    I am trying to publish a internal site to external internet but its a https site that runs on a port e.g https://internalserver:7004/blah/blah/hello.do how do i go about this ? I assign it to our SSL listner as it needs to be SSQL but how do i tell it 7004 and the path after ?



    jeudi 9 septembre 2010 09:15


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  • Hi,

    you can change the port to listen in the Forefront TMG Listener configuration. Use a custom port instead of the SSL port 443

    regards Marc Grote aka Jens Baier - www.nt-faq.de - www.it-training-grote.de - www.forefront-tmg.de
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    jeudi 9 septembre 2010 13:37
  • Hi,

    Yes i managed to figure this out in the end.  Just need to fix a certificate error on the local system as its not trusted.  Unless there is a way to by pass this so i can at least test it works.

    jeudi 9 septembre 2010 13:59