TMG Firewall service not runnint - Events 14001, 14060, 14127


  • Hi

    This is a new installation of Forefront TMG SP1.

    Some Rules are already configured, but I'm unable to start the Forefront TMG Firewall Service. I alway get the following erros in the eventlog:

    EventID 23474 - Warning
    Forefront TMG detected Windows Filtering Platform filters that may cause policy conflicts on the server TMG-01. The following providers may define filters that conflict with the Forefront TMG firewall policy: Microsoft Antimalware.

    EventID: 14127 - Error
    The Web Proxy filter could not initialize (error code 505.

    EventID: 14060 - Error
    Forefront TMG could not load the application filter Web Proxy Filter ({4CB7513E-220E-4C20-815A-B67BAA295FF4}). FilterInit failed with the error code 0x8007054f. To attempt to activate this application filter again, stop and restart the Firewall service.Ev

    EventID: 14001 - Error
    Firewall Service failed to initialize. Previous event log entries might help determine the proper action.

    I already tried to repair the installation, without success.
    I disabled Malware inspection, no success

    Any suggestions?


    martedì 19 giugno 2012 12:07


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