Forefront Client Security scanning question


  • Hi and thanks for reading my post,

    When scanning a large zip file of say 80gb when there is less than 15gb of free space on the c:\ drive. Does forefront client security decompress just part of the compressed file, scan it then delete what was decompressed so far and continue working through the rest of the zipped contents?

    Or, does it decompress till it runs out of disk space, error out and move on to scanning the rest of the files?

    We have a server that was sending out alerts that it was running down to 2gb of free disk space everynight. But in the morning it would have 20gb of free space. Last night we found the culprit was Forefront. So this leads to my third question:

    If Forefront is decompressing part of the file to work through it, can we adjust how much free space it will decompress to? Say adjust it from 2gb to 10 or more gb?



    2011년 1월 20일 목요일 오후 6:30

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  • I forgot to mention. We are not seeing any errors in the logs nor in the Forefront Server Admin console when the large compressed scanning occurs. 

    Thanks in advance


    2011년 1월 20일 목요일 오후 6:50
  • Dan, did you find a solution to this issue with forefront.  We are seeing the same issue.
    2011년 3월 11일 금요일 오전 12:31