DirectAccess Server 2012 Configuration cannot be retrieved from domain controller


  • Hi everyone,

    We are using DirectAccess over Server 2012. There is just one server, no load balancing.

    Everything works fine, all clients can connect successfully and operations status page shows all in green. Nevertheless on the dashboard page in the configuration status section it say “Configuration for server [servername] cannot be retrieved from the domain controller.”

    I found a few hints what could cause this problem:

    In my case, the RAConfigTask, a scheduled task, was not enabled on the affected WS2012 server (DA entry point in a multisite deployment). After just enabling it, the errors has gone."

    Group Policy was filtering out my DA server from the GPO object for some reason. To fix, I opened up Group Policy Management on the domain controller and made sure that my DA server was a part of the group."

    Server has no connectivity to the domain in order to update the policies. Run “gpupdate /force” on the server to force policy update. GPO replication might be required in order to retrieve the updated configuration.  This could be because there is no writable domain controller in the Active Directory site of the Remote Access server.

    I checked everything. Task is enabled and completed successfully, GPO is not filtered out, run gpupdate without any errors, could connect to domain controller, no errors on domain controller, domain controller is writable.

    So, I have no idea what could cause this error. Any ideas or hints?




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  • i have the exact same problem i figured out that there was a problem with the logon as a service

    secpol.msc --> Local Policies --> User Rights Assignement, Logon as a service i have NT Service\All Services

    i can acces the group policy via the cpnsole just fine i have not connectivity issues what so ever.

    i decided to open a call with microsoft, their suggestion .... we dont know reinstall so i did and here we are same problem and no solution. it is getting frustrating...

    quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014 08:08
  • Exact  same problems here. Anyone find a solution please post.


    terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014 14:14
  • G'day,

    I had the same issue, I literally waited 15 minutes and then clicked refresh and it was all good.

    Hope that helps someone

    quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014 11:19
  • Hi All - i have seen this where sites and services have not been configured in AD and also when replication of GPO's between Domain Controllers has an issue - perhaps just check all is well with the DC's.

    John Davies

    sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2014 10:32
  • I have a similar issue that says that I dont have access to the GPO. The Direct Access itself still works, but all of the sudden I cannot access the wizard to make changes or see the configuration. I have done the same troubleshooting you listed above and found no answer thus far. I have a ticket open with Microsoft on the issue. If/when I get a resolution I will share it.  
    segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2014 19:27
  • I have a similar problem. The GPO is downloaded to the server, but the scheduled task that applies the setting fails with code "0x1" but no where can one see what the code does, or whats going wrong. Elsewhere its suggested that certificates on the hidden interfaces are whats causing the problem, but why hide all the interfcaes....
    quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014 10:28
  • I wonder if there is a RODC in play here. RODC's don't allow you to access GPO settings.

    I'm getting the same error and I think it's because the server is on the same subnet/site as the RODC we have in our DMZ. I'm thinking if there is a way to force the logon to only go to specific domain controllers, then I can skip the RODC for AD queries and tasks.

    quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2015 19:03
  • Hi,

    Using DirectAccess with RODC is not supported :

    You can try to use the Windows Firewall of your DirectAccess server to deny connexions to the RODC's IP Address.

    Check also this article, it's for Windows 7 but it may help you:


    quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2015 20:18
  • You should check if the DC that DirectAccess communicates with is still available. Each entrypoint will pick a domain controller to communicate and it will get/write the policy only against that DC.

    for this you should use the get-daentrypointdc command

    sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015 06:33
  • Hi,

    We also have this problem in a new deployment.  I have added the server subnet to sites and services and also added the server account to the GPO object and removed authenticated users.  Tried running Set-DAEntryPointDC command but it's not a multi site deployment so doesn't apply.

    Suggestion:  Do 2012 ADMX GPO Templates require installing?    

    Tried a re-install but still no joy.  Anyone else got any suggestions for further troubleshooting steps?  Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    Managed to crack this, redeployed a fresh version of Windows 2012.  Patched but did not upgrade .NET, left it as native.  Increased the IPv4 adapter order up so it was higher than IPv6.  Internet / DMZ link added a missing default gateway.  Internal LAN removed default gateway.  DOS - added a static route for the internal LAN.

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  • Check which DC is your operations master, since this is the one that has the config for the Direct Access, and make sure it is online and working.
    domingo, 11 de outubro de 2015 19:32
  • you need to change the public ip address to a fully qualified domain name instead. IP address will not work
    sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016 12:33
  • FQDN solved all my problems, thanks!
    quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016 20:27