Trihomed ISA


  • Hello friends :

    I have a network with two subnets , and one active directory database , i want to place all the servers in one subnet and all the clients in the other in order to control access and get reports of them , i also want to share internet for the client computers , I decided to use ISA server 2006 Enterprise sp1 with a trihomed structure, I do not have any public services :

    1-Can i place the Domain Controller in the other subnet ?
    2-Can ISA Server handle theses amount of traffic ?
    3-What kind of hardware should i use to handle ISA with these amount of traffic ? ( i have DL-380- ML-580 HP Servers )
    4-I do not want ISA to be a single point of failure ! ( How can i implement NLB or FAilover for ISA )

    Is there any guide or solution about this ?

    Please help.
    Network is my LOVE
    domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009 03:20

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