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  • Any changes from Microsoft to make TMG reporting more granular. The current reporting is suited for the admins only, and does not work if management wants to audit a particular user.






    sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010 16:23


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  • Hi Sonny,

    Yes we are making some changes to the Reports to make them more meaningful and granular. We will be releasing an update in this month.

    Also as we are using SQL in TMG, you can run custom queries and pull data from database accordingly.




    sábado, 1 de maio de 2010 13:33
  • Junaid:

    Have you guys released an update to TMG reporting?




    segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010 21:11
  • Hi Sonny,

    It got delayed and now it will be released in this Month.


    sábado, 12 de junho de 2010 00:23
  • Any news - has it been released? Where can I get it?

    We have beebn using ISA2006 with SurfControl for a long time, but have now just gone over to using 100% TMG. We could really do with some mechanism for managing down the amount of stuff that is recorded in our SQLServer db, while at the same time givign us web based reports that are as useful and easy to understand as the SurfControl reports.

    Are there any ideas as to how to get this? Or suggestions for 3rd party apps we could look at to provide what we want?

    Thanks in advance


    segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010 17:16
  • TMG SP1 is released late last month. TMG Sp1 has enhancements to reporting feature. Now you can generate user based reporting



    Bala Natarajan [MSFT]| Sr. Support Escalation Engineer | CSS Security
    sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010 04:51
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