Question about how to migrate FCS Collection and Reporting servers and databases to new box


  • We currently have a three server topology for our FCS setup.  I have a SQL 2005 Enterprise box that contains the Collection server, Collection Database, Reporting server and Reporting database.  I have been asked to move all these to a SQL 2005 Standard box. 

    I have found some documentation on the migration process but I was wondering if there is a particular order I need to move these components ? Also the reporting database has partitions in it and those are unsupported in the standard edition of SQL so I am unsure how to migrate this database?  Also how do I get the PCs to point to the new server and report their status.

    If anyone has any tips to share on migration let me know.  I am new to the FCS product and have not even finished the rollout at our college of 1600 PCs.

    8 iulie 2010 14:27

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