Cannot ping any CorpNetwork resources from other side of Point to Point VPN


  • I have 4 Point to Point VPNs (3 certificate based and 1 PSK) all terminatiung on my TMG SP1 server on my CorpNetwork. Both sides of the PtP VPNs is TMG. The TMG server at my CorpNetwork can ping all of my remote resources over the VPNs from CorpNetwork, but I CANNOT ping any of my CorpNetwork resources from the other side of the VPNs. ALL other ports are apparently open. HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, AD replication, etc. all work both directions. But PING only works in one direction, from my CorpNetwork to my remote resources over the VPNs, but NOT the other direction.

    I have basically the same config on each remote TMG endpoint. Since I observe the same behavior on all of my PtP VPNs, I am wondering what setting I am missing? I have allowed 'ALL' traffic between sites. I am running Exchange 2010 DAGs over these VPNs (among other things), and since Ping only works one way, I cannot verify the configuration from within Failover Clustering that DAG uses.

    27 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 21:27