How to exclude directory from Forefront for SharePoint?


  • Hi, we are running Forefront 10.1 on our MOSS 2007 server.  We have a directory with a javascript utility that encrypts\decrypts a page into an .html page (we have to do this as part of the licensing for this particular content).  The content is entirely legit, no virus, but Forefront blocks it thus:

    o3-301.htm " contains the following virus: " VIRUS= Trojan.JS.Agent.aaf (Kaspersky5); Tagged ID: 166CB8E0_1D31_42D2_9E69_630EF6007781 ".

    If you want to open this file, you'll need to clean the file using your own virus scanning software. Do you want to save the file to your computer and attempt to clean it?"

    So, I basically need to exclude the particular directory that hosts these files and am not able to see how I can do this in Forefront?

    Thank you,



    20 พฤษภาคม 2552 15:25