UAG DirectAccess functionality with SCCM


  • I wasn't sure if I should post this in the DirectAccess or SCCM forums so I'm just starting here.

    Unfortunately, up until a week ago I had never touched SCCM so I don't know all that much about it so pardon some of my ignorance. However, I am having an issue with installing published apps/updates to DA enabled client laptops. From the SCCM server to my test DA laptop, I have RDP working, file share access, and I have Remote Tools working. I created a new IPv6 prefix boundary and the DA client is picking up the correct site code but no matter what I do nothing will install to it. If I move it to the corporate network immediately it starts installing any apps or updates published to it. I'm not finding any errors on either the client or server side so I can't really pinpoint where it may be failing. I'm not sure if I missed something not so obvious maybe in a GPO or maybe a particular port is being blocked. I'm able to generate a heartbeat by initiating the Discovery Data Collection Cycle and the Software Update actions do not error out when initiated.

    If anyone has some insight into something for me to check or maybe something I overlooked I'm all ears. Thanks!

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  • For what it's worth, I finally found a resolution to this issue. The site server for the site I was connecting to was 'protected' and therefore would only distribute software to the boundaries I specified. Once I added both of my IPv6 prefix boundaries to the list my test laptop immediately started receiving software. This option is located in SSCM > Site Database > Site Mgmt > Primary Site > Site Settings > Site Systems > Select site server and open ConfigMgr site system. If the 'Enable this site system as a protected site system' is checked click on 'Select Boundaries' and add the appropriate boundary.
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