Keyword filtering on properties of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents


  • Hello,

    We've got involved in a situation where a customer recently received a batch of PDF documents from a supplier that included a title property. This property wasn't picked up by SharePoint's title metadata, but is shown is search results (the farm has the Adobe iFilter for acrobat installed). The problem is, the title within the document as shown on the results page is a link to an inappropriate site, and the link itself contains profanity.

    We thought ForeFront would be able to prevent this from happening using keyword filtering, but our testing has shown that it doesn't - it quite happily blocks Word documents with the same title, but not PDFs. We tried McAfee Portalshield too, and it has the same limitation, so I'm guessing it's down to the way files are presented to the scanner from SharePoint. Is there a way to scan PDF document properties using content filtering to block inappropriate content?



    13 มีนาคม 2555 15:26