Processing time in ISA server 2006 EE


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               What is the calculation method  used in ISA  average processing time calculation which is described in the daily reports ,pls explain it.Because it is showing the average processing time very high when requests are less.Her we are using ISA web proxy clients ans for pop3 ans smtp and ftp we use secure nat clients

    2009年7月1日 上午 07:34


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    According to your description, I understand that the problem you are experiencing is “high average processing time in ISA report”. If anything misunderstand, please let me know.


    Based on my research, Average Processing Time is the time from the moment when ISA sends the request until it is processed. As this is an average value, even if 90% of the requests take 1 second to process, if 10 percent of them take 30 seconds, the average will be much higher. Also, if the user is loading a big file, like a streaming movie, or downloading a really big file, the processing time for his request will be higher.


    So Average Processing Time is not a reliable resource for the monitoring of traffic speed. The recommended practice is collecting network traces from every point in the network and determining where the data spends longer to be processed. The second method, less reliable than network traces, but much more reliable than the average values in the logs, is using the connectivity verifiers, that can show you the evolution of the response time of a certain website or other service.

    However, again, analyzing network traces is the most precise method to use, even if it is more difficult to perform.


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    Nick Gu - MSFT
    2009年7月2日 上午 07:37