DirectAccess and Outlook Anywhere with Outlook 2016


  • Hi all,

    Having a devil of a time with DirectAccess and Outlook 2016.  First, we are using Split Tunneling in DirectAccess.  Which works fine, but Outlook 2016 performance is awful - hangs and not responding messages when composing New or Replying to emails.  So we enabled Outlook Anywhere and got that working fine with DirectAccess off.  If we turn DirectAccess on in Windows 10 (by starting the IPHelper Service), Outlook 2016 still uses Outlook Anywhere to connect, but the Hangs and Not Responding messages are back when composing new mail or replying to mail.

    We excluded all the Exchange related FQDN in NRPT on the URA server, but no success, the hangs are still there.  If we stop the IP Helper service (Specifically the Network Connection Assistant, which manages the NRPT) then Outlook performs perfectly.  What am I missing?



    vendredi 18 mai 2018 18:26