Migrated User has no access to Fileserver netdom trust


  • Hello experts,

    ive got a problem with a migrated user from domainA to domainB which should still have access to a fileserver in domain A.

    I know that at first its mandatory that the User got migradet with its SID from domainA to DomainB which i can see in the HistorySID Field.

    Additionally i need to Enable the SIDHistory via Netdom trust, but this will not work.

    When ill try to enable it with the following command i still get the message that the SIDHistory is still disabled.

    NETDOM Trust domainA /Domain:DomainB /Quarantine:No

    NETDOM Trust domainA /Domain:DomainB /EnableSIDHistory:Yes

    I do this with the elevated Command Line with a user on DomainA which is Domain Administrator.

    What do i do wrong?

    vendredi 13 avril 2018 07:31

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