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  • “We truly live in the Environmental Age,” Leonardo di Caprio said in the documentary film “The 11<sup>th</sup> Hour”. Or, as the film tried to portray, we live or we die with a planet that is at the brink of collapse because of human neglect and abuse.

    VVM recognizes this fact and accepts the responsibility of doing its part in the global task of preserving and renewing our vital natural, human and material resources. 

    Hence, VVM realizes its role in supporting and educating its people and others concerned regarding various social and environmental issues. It is fully committed, as a company, to do its part in reducing the company’s carbon footprint, protecting the environment and supporting all initiatives to maintain ecological balance on Planet Earth and all its living inhabitants and its various habitats. VVM's focuses on the empowerment of formerly underprivileged communities and, in particular, previously deprived attorneys. Through expertise and technology, these groups are enabled to conduct work which they would not otherwise have been able to perform without assistance. As a result, they attain new skills and have access to updated Information Technology.

    Indeed, in a small or great way, any individual or any company can make a difference in how we can all work together to make our world better than when we found it and to improve our lives even more.

    dimanche 4 août 2013 06:25

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  • Carbon footprint? Is it a useful tool we can use to help Nature or a mere economic trap used by the rich nations to control the poor? It is like saying: Let us stop using coal or fossil fuels but selling them to other nations while they go green.  
    dimanche 4 août 2013 12:12