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  • I have two fields in a SharePoint Online List and one must be filled out before you are allowed to enter the other list. 

    1st column, a person or group field called 'Approver' 

    2nd Column, a drop-down field called 'Send for Review'

    Is there a way to ensure the Approver name is selected or entered before the Send for Review column allows users to select what type of approval they require? 

    Suggestions will be really appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance, 


    jeudi 17 mai 2018 18:59

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  • Hi,

    You can use InfoPath or script form to disable the 'Send for Review' field if the 'Approver' field is empty.

    Method: Using InfoPath form

    1. Customize the list form in InfoPath.

    2. Add a Formatting rule for the 'Send for Review' field.

    3. If the 'Approver' field is blank, disable this control.

    Method : Using Script

    We can use ClientPeoplePicker.OnUserResolvedClientScript method to run the script when the change event occurs for the people picker field.

    More information about client side people picker control:

     Then, disable the drop down field

    $("select[title='Send for Review']").attr("disabled", true);

    Best Regards,

    Linda Zhang

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    vendredi 18 mai 2018 08:46