[Office365] Sharepoint site created by a Powershell script isn't found in the search bar


  • Hello,

    I created a script that takes information from a CSV file, which has for goal to create an office 365 group and a SharePoint site with the given name, as well as the owners and the members of the group.

    I'm using the module SharePoint pnp (patterns and practices) to achieve that with the cmdlet new-pnpUnifiedGroup. Note, I know that another cmdlet exists, which seems to do the same thing "New‑PnPSite".

    The creation of the group is working and the SharePoint site is created, i checked that with the cmdlet "Get-SPOsite", but it seems that I'm unable to find the site using the search bar if I'm not already in the group. I did quite a bit of research about it and tried few things, but nothing helped. And there is also, the fact on our demo tenant, we don’t have this problem and i tried to check the configuration of both Sharepoint admin panel, but they seem to be similar.

    I still think that it’s a configuration issue but I can’t seem to find it. Any suggestions on why this happens and how to solve it ?

    Thanks for you help

    vendredi 18 mai 2018 14:29

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  • Hi Dwyane,

    What did you mean that " I'm unable to find the site using the search bar if I'm not already in the group" ?

    You are not a owner or member of the group, is it right?

    By default, SharePoint search has security trimming, if you don't have permissions on an item, you will not see it when searching it.

    So, please make sure you are a owner or member of this group.

    In addition, after you change the group, please wait 24 hours for crawling.



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    lundi 21 mai 2018 07:25
  • Hi Dwyane,

    Adding another suggestion to Wendy DZ's , You can check "Service Health dashboard" on your tenant admin area. Please check any advisory or Service Impact notice(Incident) for "SharePoint Online".

    Murugesa Pandian MCSA,MCSE,MCPD

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    lundi 21 mai 2018 07:39