Map scan connection timed out


  • We are running a scan on our network some devices get a connection timeout & others with the same config scan OK yet others get a connection timeout.

    WMI is running, I have used the same credentials, have tried to scan by IP & name, what else could cause some systems to be successful and others timeout?

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    mercredi 18 avril 2012 15:56

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  • I've seen cases where network congestion or a lower bandwidth segment of a network such as a WAN can cause the WMI service to report to MAP that the RPC Service is unavailable, Connection timeouts, or Access Denied. I suspect this is due to lost packets or connections failing due to the congestion.

    For quickly testing and troubleshooting connectivity issues, I recommend a tool built into Windows called WBEMTEST as instructed in this video. Use WBEMTEST on the MAP machine to connect to one of the remote target machines that failed. If it receives a failure message too, then it’s probably a permission issue on the network or a service issue on the machine. If the WBEMTEST query is successful, then MAP should be successful as well. Here is a Wiki article on TechNet that describes some of the common failure status messages.

    If WBEMTEST is successful but MAP reports a failed connection, you could try throttling MAP so that it isn't initiating so many simultaneous connections. Follow the steps in this blog post and increase or decrease the max thread count to best fit your network. Since fewer simultaneous connections will make the inventory take longer, the goal is to find the highest thread count that doesn't saturate your network.

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    jeudi 19 avril 2012 17:07