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  • Hello,
    I would have a question to the sizing of the Print Server for Branch Office Direct Printing (BODP). I am about to deploy one Print Server with cca 1400 print queues which will be shared with cca 20 000 users (all Windows 10). All print queues will be configured to use BODP.

    I understand technical background of the BODP and it is obvious that it removes the load from the Print Server (no job parsing, no job data will flow through the server). 

    My concern is about initial distribution of the queues and printer port sync connections when the queues are distributed. At the beginning there will be a login script which will automatically add specific print queue to all users (secure print through print management solution). Users will also have possibility to add queues for specific devices using self service app. 

    The plan is to use 4-core 16 GB RAM server with Windows Server 2016 for the Print Server. Since the adding of the queues is mainly up to he users I cannot really do the roll-out in batches and measure performance of the servers

    The question is if it will be enough to handle queues with BODP for all those users. Do you have any experience with such setup? Any recommendations? 

    Thank you in advance.

    mardi 1 octobre 2019 09:04


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  • Hi,


    Please consult the two reference cases which have been tested by Microsoft:


    Reference systems case study




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    mercredi 2 octobre 2019 07:19
  • Hi Martin,


    Is there any update for your issue? Please feel free to revert back if more assistance needed.




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    lundi 7 octobre 2019 06:00
  • Hello Jenny,
    thank you for the answer. I have seen the reference systems before and I did not find them close enough to my setup. I was hoping for more educated guess about my scenario.

    I can understand that it is very hard to provide any assurance about the sizing. I will review the case studies again and ask the customer to crate very powerful Print Server for the start so we can measure and eventually remove resources.

    Thank you. 

    lundi 7 octobre 2019 08:11
  • Hi Martin,

    I do have a bit of experience setting this configuration up.

    As a print server, you should be fine, maybe a bit high with 16Gig ram, but watch the memory in use by the system process with regard to file sharing.

    You can mitigate file sharing by using Type 4 print drivers so the print drivers are not downloaded to client machines.

    Any Windows 7 machine, yes I do realize you stated all Windows 10, or when the Type 4 print driver on the server is not available from WU, will then flip to Server Side Rendering and be processed by the print server.

    In a few test configurations I had over 2000 printers but my client load, although with constant printing to basically fake printers, was never more than 50.  4 procs, 8gig

    Microsoft IT had about 350 printers with 10000 clients but that was eight or nine years ago.  I do not recall the specs.

    It's a fine DR scenario as well.  There was a fire near MS once and the fire department cut the power to the building hosting our dogfood print servers.  We had no problem as the team had moved to a different part of campus not impacted by the power outage and had no problem printing.  Not grand DR but never what we expected.  Normally I just shut off the print server.

    My manager got blamed for the fire... :-)


    Alan Morris formerly with Windows Printing Team

    mercredi 9 octobre 2019 05:18
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  • Hello Alan,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess I will sleep little bit better thanks to your input. 

    We will actually go even higher with server resources at the beginning and reduce them based on measurements. I will share the results once it is deployed.

    Thank you.

    lundi 14 octobre 2019 10:17
  • Hi Martin,

    A real world scenario would be helpful for others too.


    Alan Morris formerly with Windows Printing Team

    mardi 15 octobre 2019 05:03
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