Attachments in Items do not open in excel online


  • I recently created a list with items that have excel files as attachments. At the beginning everything was working correctly and when you clicked on the attachment the file would open in a new browser window using excel online. Suddenly it is just downloading the file and opening it on the local computer using the Excel client installed.

    Steps I have taken:

    • Check at site and site collection level that open in client by default is NOT ACTIVATED.
    • Make sure the file is not saved in a previous version of Excel.
    • There are no advanced formulas, pivots, links or anything that needs the file to be open in client. Just a flat file.
    • At List level, "Allow items from this list to be downloaded to offline client" is set to no.

    If I create a Document Library, the file will open in Excel online and give the option to open it online or using the client but if it is an attachment it just downloads.

    Did Microsoft do changes to prevent SharePoint from opening attachments in Excel online?

    Any suggestion will be appreciated since I have followed instructions from different forums with no luck. There are endless tutorials and guides on how to open documents in client but I am looking into doing the opposite. My users only need to do minor changes to the files.


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  • Hi Mariano,

    Based on your description, you are using SharePoint Online. Is it right?

    Are you using New experience or Classic experience for the list?

    Per my test, if I use Classic experience for a list, when I click the attachment (Excel file) for an item, it would be opened by Excel Online. However, if I use New experience, it would be opened by Excel client application.

    So, to open the attachment in Online, please try to use Classic experience for the list.

    If I misunderstood your meaning, please feel free to reply.



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