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  • We have a SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition on-premises and hosted multiple websites on that. We need SSO to login on one of the website by using ADFS.  AD is in another premises and we will require to login on the website by using domain user.

    Can some one share the steps we will required to setup SSO including challenges and complications ?

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    mercredi 11 juillet 2018 12:46

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  • Here's a step by step guide to ADFS with SharePoint:

    With that said, I don't recommend SAML with SharePoint.

    1) You will not be able to use the Cloud Search Service in a hybrid scenario

    2) Various features do not work, such as Search Alerts or consuming pictures from Exchange

    3) The People Picker will allow any value, including invalid values, as it has nothing to validate the value against. There is a work around for this, though:

    If you want SSO, you can still use ADFS with a Non-Claims Aware relying party. This allows you to continue to use Windows auth on the SharePoint side while still having SSO from ADFS. You can also use Azure AD App Proxy, as well, provided you have licensing for it.

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