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  • This is my first time installing SCOM R2 in a production environment ... SCOM working fine and I did installed MP and its working ok.
    I configured SMTP Channel and Subscriptions, its sent email notifications fine to all users. What my Boss requested from me is the following:

    We have arount 58 Servers between Linux and windows, and we have many teams some of them responsible of CITRIX and others responsible of AD ,DNS ,DHCP etc ...

    So the required from me to configure SCOM to send notifications based on Server,,, for example: all alerts for Server 1 and Server 2 go to Admin 1 and Admin 2. Alerts from Server 4 and 5 go to Admin 3 etc ..

    How can I configure SCOM to do this ?????


    Al Nahash
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    vendredi 12 mars 2010 18:03

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  • Can you please provide few more details? Like What is the send criteria based on OS? Server Role? Or is it str8 forward server1 to admin one and so on?
    jeudi 18 mars 2010 21:38
  • yes, its a strait forward, like for all errors and warning in server1 will be sent to admin1@xxx.com and all errors and warning for server2 will go to admin2@xxx.com


    Al Nahash
    vendredi 19 mars 2010 19:33
  • I am pretty much convinced powershell is the resolution, however i am not there yet scripting wise.

    See may be you can find a script in the Microsoft repository. Sry..

    mardi 23 mars 2010 20:47