sbs 2008 does accept besides the prefix any web application to log on it remotly?


  • hello,

    I asked this question in sbs 2008 forum .I didn't get the solution for it, so some one with MVP degree advised me to ask this question in sharepoint forum.

    I have installed sbs 2008 with domain for example  and I have a CNAME record  with name so I can log on my sbs 2008 server remotly. as you know sbs 2008 has in its program sharepoint 3.0  so I created a web application with name and then I created a site collection under this web application. now I want to log on my web application  remotly and I get an error message 403 forbiddden: acces is denied.   I made a self signed certificate with and  I tried  both http and https in host header but without results(  and 

    before few months someone told me in the sbs 2008 forum that sbs 2008 is hard coded so you can not create many web application. I agree for that , but I wonder if I can not create one web application at least. no one could help me with this  subject.

    I hope some one has an answer.




    jeudi 14 juin 2012 18:42