Show list item on task approval page


  • Hi, 


    Show a list item on the task approval page.

    Not a link. All fields from the list should show on the page. The approver should have the information about what is going to be approved on the same page where he clicks 'Approve.'

    I ask again about this and I was told its not possible.

    After some research I came upon a possible solution for this that looks like this:

    Step1 - Add a web part that shows the list in the task approval page

    Step2 - Connect this web part to the task list filtering the List to show the correct list item

    This sounds like it would work but I don't know how to connect the LIST web part to the task.

    Which field shall I use for this filtering?

    Can someone walk me through this?

    Any help is much appreciated.


    mardi 15 mai 2018 13:59

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