One Form, Multiple Lists - How to enable submit to update one of many lists based on entered information


  • Hello Glorius IT People:

    I start with that triumphant salutation as to me, what you do is magic.  I have researched the question in the title and I find that there is lots of talk about this, but it ends up that you have to code this or that; this is beyond my skillset unless it explicitly outlines each line of code I need to type.

    All I want is for a form submit button to update various lists based on the drop-down selections.  Each list is the same, the only difference is the site location that is associated with it.

    Is there an easy way to do this!?  I have access to InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint designer 2013.

    If there is not a simple way to enable the submit form rules to parse out the info, can workflows be enabled to copy the item to the relevant list?

    Any help or insight is appreciated.



    vendredi 13 juillet 2018 16:12

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