iPhone stuck in Quarantined state after adding office365 account to native iOS RRS feed

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  • I am struggling to add office365 account to my native Mail app on iOS (not Microsoft's) to sync emails and contacts. It works on my current iPhone, but I am can't make it work on my new iPhone 8 by using the exact same configuration.

    When I check office365 mobile devices, I can see my iPhone as “Quarantined”. Can you please help me get access to my mailbox email, contacts and calendar from the native Mail iOS app?

    jeudi 3 janvier 2019 08:23

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  • Hello

    You have to use (remote) Powershell in order to perform a change on your mailbox.

    You need the ActiveSync device ID for your iPhone.

    1. Retrieve your device ID
      Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox 'YourMailbox'
      (look for value of property "DeviceId")
      Please note you should see at least your "old" iPhone and your "new" iPhone.
    2. Allow your device
      Set-CASMailbox -Identity 'YourMailbox' -ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs YouriPhoneDeviceID


    jeudi 3 janvier 2019 09:38
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