How do I leverage a custom theme for Outlook 2013?


  • Microsoft has a problem. They use the term "theme" in Office in 2 different ways: 1) the 3 background colors you can choose of the Office applications and 2) a collection of colors, fonts, and layout that can be customized and defined by the user for the applications.

    I know how to create a theme in PowerPoint and save it as a default for all new presentations. Allegedly you can you this across Office applications but this is where it breaks down (as far as my user experience goes).

    I've created a theme in PowerPoint. It has my custom colors. I want to use that same collection in Outlook.

    I can apply it on a email by email basis (Options menu for an email), but I want the default email (new or reply) to use that custom theme. I see my theme in the drop down menu under a heading of Custom, but there isn't a way to set it as default (behavior differs from PowerPoint here).

    So I look under the Outlook File menu, then Options and select Mail. You can change stationary, but the custom theme isn't an option there.

    Then there is Styles under the Format Text menu when in a new email. There are color options and font options, but again, no way to leverage the work I did in creating the custom theme.

    Searching on customizing themes for Outlook only gets me answers on the first use of the word theme, not the latter.

    Is there no way to you the theme I created for Outlook 2013?

    mercredi 22 mai 2013 15:03


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  • As for Office 2013, there is only three options for the theme. And it seems that there is no way to set a custom theme by default.

    Jaynet Zhang
    TechNet Community Support

    jeudi 23 mai 2013 03:35
  • So, Microsoft wants everyone to be one Windows 8 and login with an email address and allow limited customization of Outlook 2013.  I have been a MS reseller for 14 years and this is the most controlling environment that I have seen out of Microsoft.  WE (the users and payers) would like more flexibility in OUR environment.  I am still very skeptical of the web and do not want to used the cloud to have my personal information. 

    I also believe that I should be able to customize my Outlook environment.  Come on MS, get with the program.  We are not living in a socialist country where Big Brother controls what we see and how we work....  Do you remember the '80's Wendy's commercial about the soviet union????

    lundi 17 mars 2014 14:16
  • Its very simple - if you want a product that remains consistent and does not change its layout every few years, that is fully customizable, and will remain being supported by subsequent operating systems, then get an open source product running in an open source OS. It seems that you can no longer rely on MS to provide consistency, stability, or support for their own products. 

    When will MS realise that customer familiarity with their products is their intellectual property, like branding, which you would never trash every five years. Imagine that MS wanted to change their name to a new company name, or their Outlook brand to Inlook - it would never happen. So why is thee trade getup and arrangement changing so often and against what their customers want? Is it to justify thee new products? Maybe with cloud and 365, they will finally be happy and stop mucking about with what works (after they change everything back to '95 /XP format?).

    mardi 22 avril 2014 21:54