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  • Hi,

    I try to deploy a mediation server on my ocs servers with a standard version of OCS R2. The installation with the wizard is ok, but when i try to start the server. I've the error on the event log :
    envent id : 25007
    A required WMI setting has not been set.
    WMI Class: MSFT_SIPMediationServerConfigSetting
    Property: ProxyNextHopFQDN
    Cause: WMI data not configured yet.

    Use MMC to configure the Mediation Server settings.

    Could you help me to resolve this issue ?

    lundi 27 avril 2009 09:46

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  • Hello,

    I got the same error message when installing OCS and mediation server on two Windows 2008 servers.

    When I tried to configure my mediation server, I was not allowed at first.
    Then I ran the next step in the setup process (certificates) and after that I could
    go back to my OCS Server config tool and right click my mediation server and select properties. After configuring the two first tabs (General and Next Hop Connections) my mediation server could finally be started.

    You can also use wbemtest.exe to query:
    Select * from MSFT_SIPMediationServerConfigSetting
    then at first you see the property blank (null), but after configuring the values shoud be there.

    or the OCSGetWmiPropertyValue script from the OCS R2 resource kit:
    cscript OCSGetWmiPropertyValue.wsf /wmiclass:MSFT_SIPMediationServerConfigSetting /propertyname:ProxyNextHopFQDN


    mercredi 6 mai 2009 13:30
  • Hi

    You need configure your mediation server before start :
    right clic and property
    next you will be able to start service
    samedi 30 mai 2009 00:20