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  • We’ve got a homepage with multiple subsites.

    1 - Multiple subsites within homepage - For example: [SubSite A, SubSite B, SubSite C, SubSite D and SubSite E]

    2 - What I'm looking for is to search for items (documents, links & text (residing on SubSite D) from the Homepage’s default search bar which appears on top of page or probably create/insert search text box on the homepage - which would only search from SubSite D and no other SubSite although SubSite D has its own search box. 


    vendredi 8 juin 2018 16:17

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  • Hi,


    Here is a detailed article for your reference:



    As it mentioned in that article:


    By default, a site has the same search settings as the site collection that the site belongs to. You can, however, override these settings by defining specific search settings for the site.


    1.On your site, go to Settings, click Site settings, and then under Search, click Search Settings.


    2.To specify a Search Center, in the Search Center URL box, type the URL of the Search Center site.


    3.To change which search result page queries are sent to, in the section Which search results page should queries be sent to?, clear Use the same results page settings as my parent, and then select one of the following:


    • Send queries to a custom results page URL.

    Enter the URL. Custom URLs can be relative or absolute, and can also include special tokens, such as {SearchCenterURL}.

    Example: /SearchCenter/Pages/results.aspx or http://server/sites/SearchCenter/Pages/results.aspx.


    • Turn on the drop-down menu inside the search box, and use the first Search Navigation node as the destination results page.

    Make sure that the search vertical you want as a default is the first option in the Configure Search Navigation section.


    4.To configure search navigation, edit settings in the Configure Search Navigation section as required. You can, for example:


    • Change the display name or the URL of a search vertical


    • Change the order of the search vertical links


    • Add a search vertical


    Best regards,

    Ethan Liu

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