Retention Policy for Document Library not working???


  • Hi!

    I have created one simple document library and want to enable a retention policy for that, for this thing I have created one document library and have navigated to following steps:

    1) Document Library Settings --> Information management policy settings

    2) selected the "Document" as Content Type.

    3) Checked on "Enable Retention",

    4) Click on "Add a retention stage"

    5) here I defined that "Date Created" + 1 " Day", should need to move in recycle bin.

    According to above defined policy the documents which are created date spent on more than one day should automatically move to recycle bin, but it is not moving or doing anything, does anything help me in this context? That does i need to enable from Cetral Administration or need to do something more to allow that policy to work fine?? Please help

    Thanks & Regards,

    Muhammad Kamran Khatri 

    mardi 4 janvier 2011 08:19


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