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  • Hi,

     I have a question:

    1- Assuming we upload a document to sharepoint document library and then tag it along, using Document information panel window.

    2- The document has been uploaded successfully with some properties.

    3- We notice that this document has wrong properties and we need to edit document properties: After completing the document properties we noticed that the document still has the old properties in addition to the new properties.

    the below example explain our issue :

    Name                     Modified                  Modified By       Contract Number           Invoice Number                      RFQ Number

    doc134131.doc   Yestrday at 3:30 p         Peter                      34341                         inv0005

    in this example doc134131 was uploaded as doc type (contract)with number 34341. we found this wrong and it should be an invoice not contract. When we changed the doc type from contract to invoice, we noticed that this document keeps both information about contract and invoice. Kindly advice how to solve this issue ! Thanks 

    dimanche 3 juin 2018 12:11

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