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  • I want to get all users in FIM with home addresses longer than 30 characters. Does anoyone know a good way to that without first getting all user?

    I'm using the Quest Powershell module for FIM and I tried to do it like this but it seems like you cannot use greater than in the filter.



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  • Hello,

    No for me it's not possible to do that on Filter attribute.

    You have to filter object after full extract, or manage it with a WF on each object in FIM Service. For exemple you can add a flag (boolean attribute) on each user and set it to TRUE if the lenth is superior to 30 (computed in WF after a modification on HomePostalAddress attribute). After that, it's easy to extract users by using the filter /person[flag = 'TRUE'].


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  • That was a good suggestion on how to do it, thanks!

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