Owner approval for Groups using Custom worlflow activity.


  • Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to achieve Group Owner Approval using Custom Workflow Activity.I want to Add multiple Approvers and also I want send a notification to Admin and Requestor to acknowledge them about the request.

    Does anyone have has any clue that how can i achieve it or Any of you had done it earlier.

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks~ Giriraj Singh Bhamu

    lundi 7 octobre 2013 21:51


  • In an approval activity you can specify that the approver is a person or group referenced by the Target for a group it could be: //Target/Owner

    Your can add an additional approval activity. In this case it will be done serially. The first workflow activity must be approved before the 2nd approval activity will kick in

    You could also do a separate Authorization workflow (containing an approval workflow activity) which would happen in parallel. Both workflows must complete before the action will be performed.

    For the notification you can add a notification workflow activity in an action workflow

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