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    I am working on workflow. There is associated Task list and custom list. I need to get some columns from custom list to Task list. I am already using "Related content" column but it is giving me all list item on other window. I need to show these columns in the same view where task list items are showing.

    Custom list:

    Task list:

    So, I need to show "Customer Name/SAP Code" and "Customer Claim No." columns in above task list view.

    Thanks in advance.

    jeudi 7 juin 2018 09:15

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  • Hi Shinde,

    For your requirement, you can do as the followings:

    1. Open your site with SharePoint Designer 2013, and create a SharePoint 2010 platform workflow for your list.

    2. Click "Approval(x)" at "Start Approval Process" action, and in Task Form Fields, create two fields for "Customer Name/SAP Code" and "Customer Claim No.", like the below:

    3. Publish the workflow to SharePoint site.

    4. Go to the workflow settings page in SharePoint Designer and click the "Approval_xxx.xsn" under "Forms" and it will be opened in InfoPath Designer.

    5. Then in InfoPath Designer, click Data->SharePoint List, and create a connection to your list by selecting the two fields that you want to show, like the below:

    6. Select the "Customer Claim No." in the form->Text Box properties->Value->fx, then set the value as the below:

    7. Similar Step 6 for "Customer Name/SAP Code".

    8. After the above change, save the template and publish it to workflow via "Quick Publish" button.

    9. Publish the workflow.

    The result is:



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    mardi 12 juin 2018 08:29