Server Error: Access Denied in SharePoint Designer


  • Hello 

    I've been trying to Create a Wiki Page (.aspx) on SharePoint Online via SharePoint Designer 2013 and I got the following error message:

    Server Error:Access Denied.

    The reason I'm using SharePoint Designer is for advanced page customization which is not possible via the browser.

    I attempted a workaround by creating the wiki page via the browser and subsequently Edited the page with SharePoint Designer but then I then couldn't save the changes. I always log on as the site administrator with Full Control permissions and to the best of my knowledge haven't fiddled with the default permissions on the SharePoint Site. Oddly enough I noticed that SharePoint Designer is able to create other pages such as HTML, CSS and Webpart Page without the Access Denied error cropping up. 

    I suspected that the problem might have something to do with server side settings so I contacted Office 365 Support and they recommended running the Repair Power Shell cmdlet on the site collection. This was done but the problem remained unresolved. The problem persists even when fresh installation of SharePoint Designer is done on another PC.  Has anybody experienced this problem and is there anybody that can advice regarding possible solution as I seem to have run into a dead end?

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  • Hi James,

    It seems to be a SharePoint Online back-end issue as this occurs on different PCs.

    As we are unable to touch with SharePoint Online back-end, for this issue, I also suggest you contact Office 365 Support(Admin Center->Support->New service request) for help.



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    lundi 4 juin 2018 09:06
  • Hi Wendy,

    I have refered the problem back to Office 365 Support and they are still investigating...

    Meanwhile i have made some baffling findings.

    I did SharePoint Collection Health Check under Settings and the report showed a number of pages having some problem and offered a Reset to default link for each, these were Packages/Forms/Translation Package/template.dotx

    Upon Resetting the first page SharePoint responded with a "Sorry, you dont have access" error message page. This seems to suggest there is some backend issues that need to be checked.

    Pursing the problem further, I then created brand new sharepoint site collection on independent trial account and attempted to create the ASPX page as before via SharePoint Designer as the very first custom object follwing setup. To my disappointment, SharePoint Designer still has the same Access Denied problem as the old site collection. However doing a Health Check on new the Site collection gave me a clean bill of health.

    I'm at a loss for ideas what the source of problem is now...

    vendredi 8 juin 2018 11:14