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  • In SharePoint 2016, Is there any way to get uploaded files (via explorer view) checked out and in automatically in document library without user knowledge.Because the end users lacks SharePoint Knowledge.

    Once the user started editing document, it should not be allowed to edit by others.
    mardi 9 janvier 2018 06:05

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  • Hi ghsajith- the only way I can think of is if you create a designer workflow to check in the document on creation. Note: Check in/out is not meant to be automatic. That's the purpose for it.

    cameron rautmann

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    mardi 9 janvier 2018 15:24
  • Another option would be an EventReceiver. But if you need "automatic" check-in/out, then just disable the feature because it isn't appropriate for the library.

    Trevor Seward

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    mardi 9 janvier 2018 15:46
  • Once the user started editing document, it should not be allowed to edit by others. Do  I need to create a workflow for this if the check in/check out is not enabled ?
    mardi 9 janvier 2018 19:02
  • You have to use check in/out if you don't want anyone else editing the doc.

    cameron rautmann

    mercredi 10 janvier 2018 14:38
  • Hi,

    As mentioned above, you can use designer workflow to check in/out new uploaded document automatically.

    Is there any update about your requirement? If replies are helpful to you, you can mark as answer.

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    mardi 16 janvier 2018 06:40
  • I think the OP was saying, how can documents be automatically checked out once the user begins editing?

    Think about it. The document opens as read only by default. Assuming you cannot and/or don't want to co-author the document, it's implied that you'd want it to be checked out automatically if you start editing, just to avoid potential conflicts. So, is there a way to accomplish that?

    jeudi 17 mai 2018 15:25