How to publish a web site with uag2010 sp4 and change the internal url for internet clients navigators :to have a short url ? RRS feed

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    i tried to publish a web site with an internal  long url that i can't modify . So i whish to simplify this internal url for internet navigatot clients.

    internal http://georest.brest.fr/ArcGIS/rest/services/public to public http://georest.brest.fr/

    I have already do with Tmg2010 where there is a notion of external path and internal path , but if i publish the url in uag2010 and specify the path in web server tab :it just limit the folder access , and if i just put the url in in portal link :application Url : the url path (internal path)  is not masked.So the website is only accessed for the complete url ! (http://georest.brest.fr/ArcGIS/rest/services/public)

    anyone had this problem ? any idea ?

    thanks for your response .

    jeudi 17 juillet 2014 09:44